Healthy Eating


 Full day children are invited to stay for lunch when they are ready. Lunch must be provided by the parents, and all lunch items must be labeled to allow independence. We operate a healthy eating policy and therefore do not allow fast food, crisps, biscuits, chocolate or sweets. We have no access to facilities for heating food; however you may purchase a flask to keep your child’s food warm.  These are available in most supermarkets and department stores. We do refrigerate the lunches as soon as the children come to school.



A snack table operates throughout the morning and afternoon sessions. Children can bring a snack box which can can have throughout the session. Sweets and confectionery are not permitted, as we operate a healthy eating policy.  



Children have access to a filtered water dispenser allowing fresh drinking water at all times.  We also provide fresh milk for the children to drink. We encourage no other drinks at Happy Days other than water and milk as they are sufficient and medically proven healthy drinks.  Under no circumstances do we allow fizzy drinks.



We celebrate your child’s birthday with the Montessori birthday walk and ask parents to join us on the day. Please provide a fruit platter for your child to share with his/her friends; and photographs of your child from birth to present day.

No party bags, chocolates or sweets please.