Our Fees

Our ethos at Happy Days Montessori School is based on giving the children the best start in Educational life.  Our fees are calculated to reflect our running costs and ensure that we have the best equipment and staff to support this ethos.

Fees from September 2019

Full Day £2,400 (Monday - Friday 9:00 - 15:00)  
Morning Only £1,500 (Monday-Friday 9:00 - 12:00)  
Afternoon Only £1,500 (Monday-Friday 12:00 - 15:00)


Terms consist of 10/12 weeks.

A £200 deposit must be paid at registration, which will be deducted from your child's last term fees. If you cancel without one term's notice of withdrawal the DEPOSIT OF £200 WILL NOT BE RETURNED AND YOU WILL BE LIABLE TO PAY THE REMAINDER OF THE FEE. Cheques are made payable to 'Happy Days Montessori'. Fees are subject to change on a yearly basis without prior notice. 


Owing to the fact that the NEG [Nursery Education Grant] received from the council does not cover the costs of the free entitlement, it is now necessary to ask you to pay a small voluntary fee to help sustain our financial position so that we can continue to offer a high quality service for the free entitlement. As the costs for providing non-core services are not covered in the NEG, which is only for the delivery of the EYFS, we will be seeking a small voluntary charge of £100 per term for each child to cover the costs of these extra services in accordance with the code of practice. 

We have reviewed our non-core services. These include the following :

  • Yoga
  • Montessori UK Accreditation
  • Drama and Movement
  • Extensive Learning Journals with colour photographs
  • Living Values Educational Program
  • Parent Coaching

If you would like your child to attend Happy Days please download the registration form on the next page - Apply.