Welcome To:

              Happy Days Montessori Children's House

At Happy Days Montessori Children's House we will do everything possible to nurture the spirituality and individuality of your child.The ethos of our children's house is to ensure all children are safe, loved and happy; and achieve their potential whether it is academic, creative or artistic.  We pride ourselves in creating an environment that is warm and caring, where each individual child is valued and their efforts and achievements are celebrated. Each child is treated as an individual and their holistic development is catered to. We work with the innate intelligence of the child and give them an environment conducive to their unique learning.  "Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children" Albert Einstein

We encourage a close relationship between home and school to ensure a positive and holistic journey through Happy Days for your child.  Our aim is that their first memories and experiences of education are fun, happy and secure so they enter the next phase of their educational journey with confidence and positive self-esteem.