As mentioned, at Happy Days we believe that partnership with parents is key to the nurturing of the spirituality of the child.  We welcome all feedback and would like to share with you some testimonials from over the years...


We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the excellent work that you have done with Akshay in these last two years. The school has not just had an academic effect, but a social one as well. One of my relatives recently said to me that Paresh and I had done an excellent job in bringing Akshay up. I told them that we could not take all the credit as we felt that the staff at his school had a significant part to play in his upbringing.

 We were very impressed with Akshay’s achievements and some of the things he said and did over the two years always astonished and amazed us. We feel that he has turned out to be a strong and independent individual and that influence, we feel, comes from the Montessori system.

We would especially like to thank ... in whose group Akshay spent his first year and ….. whom he progressed with in the second year. The work you have done with him will give him a good grounding for the rest of his life. we would also like to thank Margaret (without whom there would be no school) who does so much more than is necessary for the parents and children and who asks for little in return. Thanks also to Divinia and Shantelle who gave up their Saturday evenings to baby-sit for us; Akshay always looked forward to those. Akshay was happy and content at Happy Days and we know he is going to miss all of you and his friends very much.

Akshay is spending three weeks at Orley Farm’s Summer School and is thoroughly enjoying it, although he does miss the routine and mental stimulance from Happy Days. We have tried to carry on some of the things which he has been presented with while he was there and for this we must thank Margaret who gave up some of her evenings to teach some of the basics of the Montessori system. We hope that the rest of his school career goes as smoothly as the past couple of years.

We wish you all the very best in your careers at Happy Days, although we hope to see some of you again. We know Akshay will be longing to meet you.

All that remains is to say:

Thanks again, from the bottom of our hearts
Paresh and Sumita

Dear Margaret, Trusha, Divinia, Shantelle and Shital

Not sure where to start in this letter as a mere thank you does not seem like enough.  We know that we have given our little Serena the best start there is in educational life and take great comfort in this knowledge.

When we started to look for a nursery for our then 2 ½ year old we searched far and wide and you came to us highly recommended.  Walking in to visit the nursery and we knew instantly that this was where our daughter had to come as we knew she would be safe, loved and her individuality would be nurtured.  So we decided that, although some distance from our home, that Happy Days was where we need to be.

We are happy to say that this was the best decision we have ever made.  Serena flourished in your environment.  Not only did she grow but we felt we did through the way you dealt with our child.  We learnt a lot as parents and hope to continue the great stuff you started.  Our only disappointment was that “Happy Days Primary” was unable to take off in time for our daughter to benefit but never say never.

So we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Serena is in “big” school now but still asks if she can go back to “her school” – which is what she refers to Happy Days as.  I’m sure she thinks that she will be back there soon – and we are sure she will to visit.  Now we look forward to Sameer joining you as soon as he is potty trained – even at 2 he is excited already.

Thank you again and hope that you continue what you are doing for many more years to come.

Warm wishes
Seema & Sanjeev Talwar