Our School

Happy Days Montessori Children's House was founded in 1990 by Margaret Dillane and was the first Montessori School to be opened in Wembley and the surrounding area. Happy Days has flourished in reputation for academic excellence and the Montessori methodology of education. Happy Days prides itself on the application of Dr Montessori’s complete philosophy and has achieved Montessori accreditation with Montessori Education (UK).

“It is too often required of children that they should adjust themselves to the world, practiced and alert. But it would be more to the purpose that the world should adjust itself to children in all its dealings with them.”

                                                                                                                          [The Secret of Childhood Maria Montessori]

The children in the school are aged 2½ to 7 years old. Many children stay with us until they are ready for Reception class; however we are permitted to teach up to the age of 7.  We tailor activities to suit the individual child and often find the children learn from working across different age groups. Older children gain confidence and reinforce their knowledge through helping their younger colleagues, and the younger children learn through watching the older ones.

“The child is our teacher. Adults must above all be educated to acknowledge this fact so that they may change their behaviour towards the generations that come after them.”

                                                                                                                          [ Education and Peace Maria Montessori]